Top Travel Bloggers and Influencers To Follow For 2016

Top 25 Travel Blogger and Influencer

One of the best things I do to keep motivated and inspired to travel is to follow my favorite travel bloggers. There are so many out there that finding the best advice can sometimes be difficult - I understand, I have been there. I tried to identify my favorite 25 travel bloggers that really help me push my boundaries, learn new skills, and assist my travel in many ways.

Each of these 25 bloggers are just awesome and worth a read. If you need help planning your next trip to Europe or you are quitting your job and becoming a digital nomad, these blogs will help you on your way. Now enjoy the best travel bloggers and influencers of 2016 and beyond!

Young Adventuress

Liz - Young Adventuress

Liz, or the Young Adventuress, has been traveling for 10 years (since she was 16!). She has been to over 40 countries and has tons of stories to share. I first discovered the Young Adventuress when I was planning a trip to New Zealand and was searching for travel advice. Her post on Kiwisms “Me Talk Kiwi One Day” got me hooked on her blog immediately!


Clint - TripHackr

It is hard to find a bigger travel resume than that of Clint, the Triphackr. Clint has been to over 100 countries and his blog seems to hold literally every piece of travel advice you will need for your trip, or for becoming a digital nomal. His photography tips have always proved incredibly helpful, especially if you are an aspiring travel photographer like me. No matter where you are going, Clint has probably been there and has some great tips to share!

Alex in Wanderland

Alex - Alex in Wanderland

In 2009, Alex left New York to find her own Wonderland and she has been traveling and blogging ever since. Alex in Wanderland offers amazing insights into travel, from her “Departures” section, which offers planning and inspiration guidance, to her “Arrivals” section, which goes into detail about her favorite activities. If you need any help planning your trip or what to pack, definitely give Alex’s blog a look.

Indie Traveller

Marek - Indie Traveller

Marek of the Indie Traveller offers advice on how to travel lightweight, travel cheaply, and how to manage your money while traveling, which is one of the reasons he is so high up on my list of favorite travel bloggers! The wealth of information in this blog is truly incredibly, which is probably why he wrote a 272 page book about his experiences!

To Europe And Beyond

Marie - To Europe and Beyond

What I really love about this blog is the photography. Marie is an fantastic photographer and through them, she shares her equally incredible journey. But this blog is more than just a photo blog - she offers detailed itineraries for her favorite destinations that will provide any traveler a great start to their planning. Be sure to stay up to date with her travels, her posts, and the number of soy milk lattes!

The Traveling Canucks

Cam and Nicole - Traveling Canucks

Cam and Nicole Wears, or the Traveling Canucks, share their awesome family adventures which their young children. If you need advice on how to travel with a baby or young kid, look no further as this blog will have everything you need! Do you like winter sports and activities? The Traveling Canucks have some great travel ideas for you too.

I Am Aileen

Aileen - I am Aileen

Aileen is a Filipino digital nomad that has been constantly traveling for 3 years, 3 months, and 26 days at the time of this writing (she keeps track on her “About Me” page!). Her blog has a heavy focus on advice on how to live and work as a digital nomad, which I have personally found very helpful. Honestly, you have to check out her blog as it is incredibly inspiring to see what she has done, all since she was only 21!

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke and Vins - The Poor Traveler

The Poor Travelers (Yoshke and Vins) try to break the mold that only the rich and well-to-do can travel the world. In doing so, they have uncovered countless pieces of travel suggestions that will help you plan your next trip and not break the bank. Do you think you don’t have enough money to travel? Once you check out the Poor Traveler, I think you will reconsider!

My Life Is A Movie

Alyssa - My Lifes A Movie

I found out about My Life Is A Movie through an article in the Huffington Post. Alyssa honored her Grandfather by traveling the world and paying tribute by wearing his POW (prisoner of war) hat and documenting her travels wearing it. The story was totally moving! Digging in a bit more, you will also find awesome travel guidance from this LA native that will be instrumental in planning your next trip.

Nomad Revelations

Joao - Nomad Revelations

Joao of Nomad Revelations has been traveling since 1999 and has chalked up 126 countries in the process! 126 countries! That is seriously more movies than I have rented since 1999… One of the coolest parts of his site is that he offers a free and interactive “Visited Countries” Map which you can copy and paste onto your site/blog, or just play with it! Joao is truly a man of the people and the amount of information he shares his followers is truly incredible.

Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies

The Adventure Junkies motto is “Don’t Dream It, Live It”. Along with travel, if you are into hiking, climbing, scuba diving, biking, climbing - or just about any adventure sport - the Adventure Junkies is the blog for you. Amanda and Antonio have been traveling around the world and sharing their amazing stories via their blog for several years now. Besides having my favorite blog name on this list, Amanda and Antonio continually inspire me to push myself for my next adventure.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin - Be My Travel Muse

As someone who is an avid adventurer, Kristen from Be My Travel Muse is indeed one of my travel muses. Not only has she visited many of the places on my personal bucket list, she has excellent photography tutorials and has shared countless experiences that have motivated me to explore new places. Also, she prides herself as a solo female traveler and offers great advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. Be My Travel Muse is a great travel blog that I highly recommend following.

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren - Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps calls herself the “unluckiest traveler in the world”. I guarantee you will find her stories hilarious and helpful, on both what to do… and often times what not to do. Her misadventures are enough to fill a book titled “How Not To Travel The World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker”. This truly fun blog is one that you must follow.

A Backpacker's Tale

Stephen - A Backpackers Tale

The first thing you will note of A Backpacker's Tale is the absolute stunning photography. Along with his photography, Stephen of A Backpacker's Tale offers fantastic travel guidance and even in person travel tours! In 2017, he plans on leading a tour to New Zealand along with Haka Tours. The itinerary includes 15 days on both islands and I am insanely jealous of anyone joining Stephen on this journey.

Will Fly For Food

Will Fly For Food - JB and Renee

Any foodies in the audience? Well, probably not like JB and Renee, the self-described "Traveleaters". Dedicating their life to exploring the world trying to find awesome food, they have a great perspective of travel and document their incredible journey. Not only will you love their blog, but I guarantee that you can’t visit their site without getting hungry!

Adventurous Kate

Kate - Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is another awesome and inspiring solo female traveler blog. Kate has a myriad of experiences that are incredibly well documented in her blog, including having been shipwrecked in Indonesia! If you are planning your next trip, I’d highly recommend starting with her “82 Travel Resources to Plan Your Trip Like an Expert” post.

Pinoy Adventurista

Mervin - Pinoy Adventurista

Another Filipino blogger, Mervin the Pinoy Adventurista sets out with the goal to bring more awareness to his home country and all the incredible destinations it has to offer. In doing so, he set out a goal to visit two-thirds of the Philippines 81 provinces before he was 35 and all of them by the time he was 40. I am happy to report he accomplished this amazing task in 2013. Especially if you are looking to travel in the Philippines, you must check out Pinoy Adventurista!

Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece - Goats On The Road

Always inspirational, the Goats on the Road are Nick and Dariece, another Canadian couple who turned their life into a non-stop adventure. One of my favorite things about Goats on the Road is the emphasis on how to sustain your travels with money making techniques such as teaching english, travel blogging (of course!), house sitting, and much more.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten - The Blond Abroad

Kiersten, the Blonde Abroad, is an incredibly well-known solo female travel blogger for good reason. She has accumulated a plethora of experiences since quitting her corporate finance gig and has a fantastic way of delivering them. If you enjoy a photography heavy travel blog, I would highly recommend checking out the inspired photography that Kiersten displays on her site. You cannot go wrong following Kiersten!

Captain and Clark

Captain Chris and Tawny - Captain and Clark

Calling themselves the “Modern Cartographers”, Captain Chris and Tawny Clark (Captain and Clark) offer a travel blog, a vlog, and a podcast. I would highly recommend visiting their “Alco-HAUL” section of their blog, where they teach you about the liquors of the world, and even more importantly, how to drink them. Of my top 25, this is definitely the most hipster travel blog out there (a topic which may warrant it’s own post soon).

Just One Way Ticket

Sab - Just One Way Ticket

Sab (short for Sabrina) has created one of the most successful travel blogs around in Just One Way Ticket. What sets Sab’s blog apart from the rest is the truly professional videos that she publishes about her travels. Seriously amazing, you need to check these out. The videos offer a great way to see a destination “through our eyes”, as she says. Oh, and she has a great “Reviews” section so you will be comforted by where to stay, what gear to bring, and what to do.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin - Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage are a UK couple who have been non-stop traveling since March of 2010 and plan to stop … never! Why do I love these guys? First of all, they pack light and offer great tips on how to do so. They traveled for 3 years with just hand luggage (carry-ons) which is just as mind blowing as it is amazing. Also, if you have plans to see South America in the near future, definitely check out their free e-book South America Highlights.

The Travel Mamas

Collen Lanin - Travel Mama

Colleen, the Travel Mama, has a great blog, especially if you plan on traveling with babies or children, or are planning on it in the future. She has so much advice to give that she even has a book The Travel Mamas' Guide: How to vacation with babies and children...and stay sane! Although I don’t have kids, I respect the value that Colleen provides her followers and I find myself time and time again recommending her blog to friends. If you are about to travel with children, or just want a great perspective of traveling, check out The Travel Mamas!

Brendan’s Adventures

Brendan - Brendan's Adventures

Brendan is noteworthy on this list for many reasons, but he is definitely the only blogger I found to wear a tie in a photo, and for that I give him mad props. The most impressive part is that he offers Travel Photography workshops… in person! He choses a great destination and you join him as he takes you to an amazing part of the world and teaches you how to improve your skills, something I have always wanted to do.

Legal Nomads

Jodi-Legal Nomads

Last but absolutely not least on this list, Jodi of Legal Nomads has been traveling for over four and a half years and in her words “my journey shifted perceptibly from a focus on places and people, to a focus on those places and people through their food”. Her experience and recommendations are highlighted in her book, The Food Traveler’s Handbook. Her blog features great stories of her travels, travel resources, gluten-free guides for travelers, and even her own shop. Legal Nomads is truly an amazing blog that you need to check out!


Wow, I hope reading this was as much fun as writing it. There are so many outstanding travel bloggers that offer so much in the way of travel guides, destination reviews, photography tutorials, etc. These twenty five are my personal favorites that continually motivate me and provide just exceptional value. I hope you find the same. Best of luck planning your next trip and I hope you got at least one more influencer for your list 🙂

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Charlie studied Computer Science at Berkeley and thought he had the rest of his life planned out: work for a few tech startups, meet the girl of his dreams, and settle into the valley. That is until he studied abroad in Norway during his junior year. He now dedicates his life to backpacking the world and finding that amazing place in some obscure part of the world which hasn't yet been discovered - and telling you all about it.

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