Top Travel Bloggers and Influencers To Follow For 2016

Top 25 Travel Blogger and Influencer

One of the best things I do to keep motivated and inspired to travel is to follow my favorite travel bloggers. There are so many out there that finding the best advice can sometimes be difficult - I understand, I have been there. I tried to identify my favorite 25 travel bloggers that really help me push my boundaries, learn new skills, and assist my travel in many ways.

Each of these 25 bloggers are just awesome and worth a read. If you need help planning your next trip to Europe or you are quitting your job and becoming a digital nomad, these blogs will help you on your way. Now enjoy the best travel bloggers and influencers of 2016 and beyond!

Young Adventuress

Liz - Young Adventuress

Liz, or the Young Adventuress, has been traveling for 10 years (since she was 16!). She has been to over 40 countries and has tons of stories to share. I first discovered the Young Adventuress when I was planning a trip to New Zealand and was searching for travel advice. Her post on Kiwisms “Me Talk Kiwi One Day” got me hooked on her blog immediately!


Clint - TripHackr

It is hard to find a bigger travel resume than that of Clint, the Triphackr. Clint has been to over 100 countries and his blog seems to hold literally every piece of travel advice you will need for your trip, or for becoming a digital nomal. His photography tips have always proved incredibly helpful, especially if you are an aspiring travel photographer like me. No matter where you are going, Clint has probably been there and has some great tips to share!

Alex in Wanderland

Alex - Alex in Wanderland

In 2009, Alex left New York to find her own Wonderland and she has been traveling and blogging ever since. Alex in Wanderland offers amazing insights into travel, from her “Departures” section, which offers planning and inspiration guidance, to her “Arrivals” section, which goes into detail about her favorite activities. If you need any help planning your trip or what to pack, definitely give Alex’s blog a look.

Indie Traveller

Marek - Indie Traveller

Marek of the Indie Traveller offers advice on how to travel lightweight, travel cheaply, and how to manage your money while traveling, which is one of the reasons he is so high up on my list of favorite travel bloggers! The wealth of information in this blog is truly incredibly, which is probably why he wrote a 272 page book about his experiences!

To Europe And Beyond

Marie - To Europe and Beyond

What I really love about this blog is the photography. Marie is an fantastic photographer and through them, she shares her equally incredible journey. But this blog is more than just a photo blog - she offers detailed itineraries for her favorite destinations that will provide any traveler a great start to their planning. Be sure to stay up to date with her travels, her posts, and the number of soy milk lattes!

The Traveling Canucks

Cam and Nicole - Traveling Canucks

Cam and Nicole Wears, or the Traveling Canucks, share their awesome family adventures which their young children. If you need advice on how to travel with a baby or young kid, look no further as this blog will have everything you need! Do you like winter sports and activities? The Traveling Canucks have some great travel ideas for you too.

I Am Aileen

Aileen - I am Aileen

Aileen is a Filipino digital nomad that has been constantly traveling for 3 years, 3 months, and 26 days at the time of this writing (she keeps track on her “About Me” page!). Her blog has a heavy focus on advice on how to live and work as a digital nomad, which I have personally found very helpful. Honestly, you have to check out her blog as it is incredibly inspiring to see what she has done, all since she was only 21!

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke and Vins - The Poor Traveler

The Poor Travelers (Yoshke and Vins) try to break the mold that only the rich and well-to-do can travel the world. In doing so, they have uncovered countless pieces of travel suggestions that will help you plan your next trip and not break the bank. Do you think you don’t have enough money to travel? Once you check out the Poor Traveler, I think you will reconsider!

My Life Is A Movie

Alyssa - My Lifes A Movie

I found out about My Life Is A Movie through an article in the Huffington Post. Alyssa honored her Grandfather by traveling the world and paying tribute by wearing his POW (prisoner of war) hat and documenting her travels wearing it. The story was totally moving! Digging in a bit more, you will also find awesome travel guidance from this LA native that will be instrumental in planning your next trip.

Nomad Revelations

Joao - Nomad Revelations

Joao of Nomad Revelations has been traveling since 1999 and has chalked up 126 countries in the process! 126 countries! That is seriously more movies than I have rented since 1999… One of the coolest parts of his site is that he offers a free and interactive “Visited Countries” Map which you can copy and paste onto your site/blog, or just play with it! Joao is truly a man of the people and the amount of information he shares his followers is truly incredible.

Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies

The Adventure Junkies motto is “Don’t Dream It, Live It”. Along with travel, if you are into hiking, climbing, scuba diving, biking, climbing - or just about any adventure sport - the Adventure Junkies is the blog for you. Amanda and Antonio have been traveling around the world and sharing their amazing stories via their blog for several years now. Besides having my favorite blog name on this list, Amanda and Antonio continually inspire me to push myself for my next adventure.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin - Be My Travel Muse

As someone who is an avid adventurer, Kristen from Be My Travel Muse is indeed one of my travel muses. Not only has she visited many of the places on my personal bucket list, she has excellent photography tutorials and has shared countless experiences that have motivated me to explore new places. Also, she prides herself as a solo female traveler and offers great advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. Be My Travel Muse is a great travel blog that I highly recommend following.

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren - Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps calls herself the “unluckiest traveler in the world”. I guarantee you will find her stories hilarious and helpful, on both what to do… and often times what not to do. Her misadventures are enough to fill a book titled “How Not To Travel The World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker”. This truly fun blog is one that you must follow.

A Backpacker's Tale

Stephen - A Backpackers Tale

The first thing you will note of A Backpacker's Tale is the absolute stunning photography. Along with his photography, Stephen of A Backpacker's Tale offers fantastic travel guidance and even in person travel tours! In 2017, he plans on leading a tour to New Zealand along with Haka Tours. The itinerary includes 15 days on both islands and I am insanely jealous of anyone joining Stephen on this journey.

Will Fly For Food

Will Fly For Food - JB and Renee

Any foodies in the audience? Well, probably not like JB and Renee, the self-described "Traveleaters". Dedicating their life to exploring the world trying to find awesome food, they have a great perspective of travel and document their incredible journey. Not only will you love their blog, but I guarantee that you can’t visit their site without getting hungry!

Adventurous Kate

Kate - Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is another awesome and inspiring solo female traveler blog. Kate has a myriad of experiences that are incredibly well documented in her blog, including having been shipwrecked in Indonesia! If you are planning your next trip, I’d highly recommend starting with her “82 Travel Resources to Plan Your Trip Like an Expert” post.

Pinoy Adventurista

Mervin - Pinoy Adventurista

Another Filipino blogger, Mervin the Pinoy Adventurista sets out with the goal to bring more awareness to his home country and all the incredible destinations it has to offer. In doing so, he set out a goal to visit two-thirds of the Philippines 81 provinces before he was 35 and all of them by the time he was 40. I am happy to report he accomplished this amazing task in 2013. Especially if you are looking to travel in the Philippines, you must check out Pinoy Adventurista!

Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece - Goats On The Road

Always inspirational, the Goats on the Road are Nick and Dariece, another Canadian couple who turned their life into a non-stop adventure. One of my favorite things about Goats on the Road is the emphasis on how to sustain your travels with money making techniques such as teaching english, travel blogging (of course!), house sitting, and much more.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten - The Blond Abroad

Kiersten, the Blonde Abroad, is an incredibly well-known solo female travel blogger for good reason. She has accumulated a plethora of experiences since quitting her corporate finance gig and has a fantastic way of delivering them. If you enjoy a photography heavy travel blog, I would highly recommend checking out the inspired photography that Kiersten displays on her site. You cannot go wrong following Kiersten!

Captain and Clark

Captain Chris and Tawny - Captain and Clark

Calling themselves the “Modern Cartographers”, Captain Chris and Tawny Clark (Captain and Clark) offer a travel blog, a vlog, and a podcast. I would highly recommend visiting their “Alco-HAUL” section of their blog, where they teach you about the liquors of the world, and even more importantly, how to drink them. Of my top 25, this is definitely the most hipster travel blog out there (a topic which may warrant it’s own post soon).

Just One Way Ticket

Sab - Just One Way Ticket

Sab (short for Sabrina) has created one of the most successful travel blogs around in Just One Way Ticket. What sets Sab’s blog apart from the rest is the truly professional videos that she publishes about her travels. Seriously amazing, you need to check these out. The videos offer a great way to see a destination “through our eyes”, as she says. Oh, and she has a great “Reviews” section so you will be comforted by where to stay, what gear to bring, and what to do.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin - Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage are a UK couple who have been non-stop traveling since March of 2010 and plan to stop … never! Why do I love these guys? First of all, they pack light and offer great tips on how to do so. They traveled for 3 years with just hand luggage (carry-ons) which is just as mind blowing as it is amazing. Also, if you have plans to see South America in the near future, definitely check out their free e-book South America Highlights.

The Travel Mamas

Collen Lanin - Travel Mama

Colleen, the Travel Mama, has a great blog, especially if you plan on traveling with babies or children, or are planning on it in the future. She has so much advice to give that she even has a book The Travel Mamas' Guide: How to vacation with babies and children...and stay sane! Although I don’t have kids, I respect the value that Colleen provides her followers and I find myself time and time again recommending her blog to friends. If you are about to travel with children, or just want a great perspective of traveling, check out The Travel Mamas!

Brendan’s Adventures

Brendan - Brendan's Adventures

Brendan is noteworthy on this list for many reasons, but he is definitely the only blogger I found to wear a tie in a photo, and for that I give him mad props. The most impressive part is that he offers Travel Photography workshops… in person! He choses a great destination and you join him as he takes you to an amazing part of the world and teaches you how to improve your skills, something I have always wanted to do.

Legal Nomads

Jodi-Legal Nomads

Last but absolutely not least on this list, Jodi of Legal Nomads has been traveling for over four and a half years and in her words “my journey shifted perceptibly from a focus on places and people, to a focus on those places and people through their food”. Her experience and recommendations are highlighted in her book, The Food Traveler’s Handbook. Her blog features great stories of her travels, travel resources, gluten-free guides for travelers, and even her own shop. Legal Nomads is truly an amazing blog that you need to check out!


Wow, I hope reading this was as much fun as writing it. There are so many outstanding travel bloggers that offer so much in the way of travel guides, destination reviews, photography tutorials, etc. These twenty five are my personal favorites that continually motivate me and provide just exceptional value. I hope you find the same. Best of luck planning your next trip and I hope you got at least one more influencer for your list 🙂

A Traveler’s Guide For The Top 10 Best Travel Backpacks

osprey farpoint 40 custom

Backpacks are the ultimate travel companion. You can literally put everything you need on your back and go wherever you want, whenever you want. Personally, I never bring a suitcase - I find it incredibly limiting.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting off the plane in some new location, grabbing your trusty pack off the baggage carousel, and heading out into some great adventure. Even better, if you packed correctly and were able to carry on, you can beat the rest of your flight through customs. This will save you that long and nervous wait, hoping you don’t miss the ferry you already booked.

This guide is intended to help you choose the best travel backpack for your next adventure. Backpacks have come a long way in terms of their features, durability, and organizational capability and I am excited to share my favorites. These travel backpack reviews will ideally set you on the path to finding your ideal match.

I’ll give you a rundown of the best features any travel pack worth its straps should have. I will also include a comprehensive review of daypacks, wheeled backpacks, and non-hiking backpacks.

Personally, I’ve always been a budget-minded traveler, so I try to focus on packs you can carry on. Don’t worry, I include some larger options as well, but remember the importance of efficient packing when you travel. It’s amazing how much you can carry on an international flight.

Top Travel Backpack Comparison Table

Well, no use beating around the bush any longer. Here are some packs that I think, and sincerely hope, you will love.



Size (L)

Weight (Lbs)

Laptop Sleeve?

Carry On?



Osprey Farpoint 40

Osprey Farpoint 40






Outlander Packable Backpack

Outlander Packable Backpack






Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46






High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3

40 + 20 (removable daypack)





eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender






Cabin Max Metz Backpack

Cabin Max Metz Backpack






North Face Borealis

North Face Borealis






Kelty Redwing 44

Kelty Redwing 44






Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack

Timbuk2 Uptown 






Tortuga Travel Backpack - 44 Liter

Tortuga Travel Backpack






Different Types Of Travel Backpacks

I will admit it: suitcases still have their place. They allow you to pack all you need, including bulky items without worrying too much about leaving some stuff behind because you just don’t have the space.

They fit well on the baggage carousel and on the baggage racks on an airport shuttle bus. And if you’re going from house to car to airport check-in to taxi to hotel then you really don’t have to worry too much about having to lug your case around with you. Plus, most have wheels which allow people to bring more than they otherwise could carry.

But that last point is why I don’t like them, and if you are reading this post, I think you’ll agree. I don’t want to carry more than I should or ask the cabby for assistance as I throw my back out heaving a 120 pound monstrosity into the back of a yellow taxi. It would ruin my trip to base my travels around some hotel room which will end up just storing all the things I really don’t need.

I want the freedom to explore.

I want the ability to pack up everything on a whim, hop on a bus, and wind up somewhere unexplored, somewhere vibrant, somewhere new.

In other words: I want a great travel backpack. Nay, I need one.

But everyone is different and there are many types of travel backpack, a few of which I will now talk about.

Carry-On Backpacks

For me, the best backpacks to use as carry-ons fall in the 35 liters to 45 liters range. They are big enough to hold most of what you need to carry – laptop and tablet compartments are often included. They are also not too big to carry comfortably on your back if you’re walking around exploring a new city before getting to the night’s accommodations.

There is great variety in this category for fit, size, and shape of the bag so you will have many options. Typically, carry-on backpacks have a rigid internal frame which will help keep your gear consolidated.

They often open and pack like suitcases making it easy to arrange the precious stuff in your bag. Also, these carry-ons give you a variety of carrying options. They usually come with side and top handles as well as a shoulder strap you can use to carry to the bag while the backpack straps are neatly tucked away.

If your preferential mode of transportation is a plane, this might be a great pack for you. But don't forget to make sure it is a carry on approved size.

Daypacks For Travel

Typically, daypacks are backpacks with a capacity of between 20 and 40 liters. Personally, I find a 30L pack just about perfect. This type of pack is normally the smallest and lightest of travel backpacks available. To achieve lighter weights, often times daypacks may not have a normal internal frame.

Your daypack could quite easily become the best backpack you own if you don’t really plan on taking a lot of stuff with you on your trips. But hey, it is amazing what you can fit into a 40L pack!

Some larger backpacks come with a daypack as an accessory and often boast how easy it is to fold and store within the larger bag. Or you can make your own combination; for my longer trips, I always stuff a daypack inside my larger backpack.

Because you’ll probably be carrying your daypack around with you more than just using it as carry-on luggage, you should ensure you get one that fits snuggly on your back and that you can go for miles in it.

Backpacking Backpacks

Packs in this category are meant for extended travel. They are typically over 45-50L liters and feature an internal frame to strengthen and give structure to the bag. This is critical, as it will help distribute a larger load onto your frame.

They also have a hip belt and chest strap which, along with the internal frame, helps to take the pressure of the weight of the bag off your shoulders and distribute the weight of more on your hips and lower body - a much stronger part of your body. They often times have packs designed specifically for women and men to really optimize comfort for each individual body shape. I am always impressed at how comfortable 40-50 pounds can be when carrying it correctly.

Travel backpacking backpacks tend to give you quite a few storage compartments and many will have specially padded sections for a laptop, tablet or other gadgets. Personally, I would want at least three smaller compartments apart from the main one and not more than five. That way I can tuck away items I don’t want getting lost among my other stuff and still find them easily when I need to.

Expert traveler tip: you can always organize the main compartment with stuff sacks or vacuum sealed bags. With the vacuum sealed bags, you don’t need to use a vacuum either - normally I just roll or press the air out myself.

Wheeled Backpacks For Travel

A backpack with wheels seems like the ultimate smart choice for your carry-on luggage or any traveler who is smaller or has back pain and doesn’t necessarily enjoy carrying everything with them at all times. We got you covered as well!

The versatility of these makes them a popular choice among the best traveling backpacks. It doesn’t take much effort to drag it along with you if you’re tired, just want to save your strength, or don’t want to get all sweaty.

You can tug them along behind you through the airport, hotel lobby, or on the sidewalk (as long as the pavement is smooth of course). But, depending on where your travels take you, a sidewalk or even a smooth road surface may not exist. Then, you can throw the backpack on and keep on truckin’.

The wheels and pulling frame will add some weight and volume to the bag. So, bear that in mind if your wheeled carry-on must be used for both towing and as a regular backpack. The extra weight will also limit how much of your own items you can carry along. Wheeled backpacks often have a daypack (either zippered on or tucked away) which you can opt to have on your back while you pull the larger pack along. I love this option.

A Closer Look At The 5 Top Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks stand out from hiking packs in that they typically offer more organizational options. Another great feature is the convenience of panel loading instead of top loading. Top loading can be a pain particularly if you have a large pack with minimal compartments.

Our list of the top rated travel backpacks is based on how well they meet certain vital criteria. One important criterion is what travel backpack reviews have to say about them. This is a great opportunity to compare personal experience with that of a much larger sample size. I make sure to recommend bags that have plenty of outstanding reviews from satisfied customers.

Comfort of course is a big factor since these are backpacks are designed to be worn, and if you are traveling, they might be worn for many hours and many miles. Comfort isn’t just padding but also how well the pack distributes weight. A “hot spot” - a spot which the pack will painfully rub on you - can turn a great day of travel into an excruciating one. There is a proper way to adjust the backpack in order to conform to your body and keep you comfortable all day.

Finally, an often underappreciated characteristic of a backpack is how well you can organize it. This capability can really make a pack stand out and significantly improve your experience.

These first five bags give you all you need and then some extras to make your journey even sweeter. So, let’s jump in and have a look at the best of the best.

1. Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40

A truly outstanding backpack! The Osprey Farpoint 40 has all the features you could ask for whether you are on a short or extended trip. Osprey offers sizes for every size; they offer the bag in small/medium and medium/large sizes.

You would really have to over pack this bag to get turned back with it as your carry-on, which will make your next trip very easy. And it should hold everything you need, unless you are very opposed to laundromats and reusing a sweater. Many people have noted how absolutely comfortable the waist and shoulder straps (which can be tucked away).

Osprey Farpoint 40 backpacks have an external laptop compartment and full-length panel loading design. The bag stows easily due to its streamlined design and has a side handle for easy retrieval. Multiple internal pockets and external compression straps round out its features and add to the reason this pack get tops pick from many backpackers.

2. Outlander Packable Backpack

Outlander Packable Backpack

Okay, let’s switch from pricey to downright cheap. The Outlander comes without all the extras and just gives you a lightweight, strong, dependable bag to take your stuff along with you. The makers stand behind their backpack by offering a lifetime warranty.

It has multiple compartments including two side pockets made to fit either your water bottle or umbrella. It does not have a laptop compartment and is not really meant for transporting expensive digital equipment.

You can fold it up and it will easily fit into a side pocket of another bag. At 33 liters and just half a pound, it makes a great daypack or just a second bag to take along with you. Bar tacking (super strong stitching) reinforces this packs water resistant nylon fabric.

3. Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag

Osprey Porter 46

The Osprey brand carries quite a respected reputation and it’s no surprise two of their packs find their way onto our list. As a travel pack, it may certainly be difficult to carry this one on, but if you are going for a longer trip and need more gear, this may simply be what you need. Consider checking this one (don’t forget a backpack duffel bag to ensure the straps don’t get damaged during baggage handling).

The Porter is designed with Osprey’s expertise of how to keep the weight off your shoulders and evenly distributed around your torso. You can carry it for long periods without the discomfort you would normally expect from a bag of this size. The Osprey Porter 46 comes with a padded shoulder harness and a winged nylon hip belt that fit neatly and inconspicuously into a padded, zippered back panel.

Lockable zippers provide reassurance in terms of security and its sidewalls with foam padding ensure your stuff is protected and stabilized within the bag. You really got to try this pack out if you are looking for a larger backpack for your next trip!

4. High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

Alright, let’s get the possibly bad news out of the way first before we concentrate on the good stuff (of which there is plenty). This bag weighs about 10.5 pounds (think a bit more than a gallon of milk) before you even put a pair of quick drying nylon socks in it! It’s not meant for people with a small frame or those among us who are not used to or don’t like lugging a good bit of weight around.

The good news is that the weight is warranted; the High Sierra AT3 is actually three bags in one. Of course, you can wheel it or carry the whole thing as a backpack, or you can detach the front portion (which becomes a daypack) for walking about and getting to know your new adventure spot. I assure you this is much lighter than 10.5lbs!

The large main compartment opens book-style and is and features internal compression straps to keep everything in place. The smaller daypack can take two water bottles at its sides and also has a zippered accessory pocket for the smaller items you wish to take along with you.

This might be the most versatile backpack on this list, and if versatility is what you need, this backpack is worth a try.

5. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender

Now, let’s say you want a bag that will work as a legal-sized carry-on, taking everything but the kitchen sink and can still be carried as a backpack. Boom! Here’s the eBags TLS Mother Lode.

It’s affordably priced, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is strong, durable and convenient. Reviews of this bag are certainly on the “very satisfied” to “supburb” end of the scale. The eBags TLS Mother Lode has multiple compartments including one for your laptop. It also has a full-expansion zipper to give you extra room if you need it.

Adding to all of that, most owners are happy that it’s water resistant in a light shower. I would recommend a rain cover to prepare yourself for a heavy downpour.

Padded for comfort, the eBags TLS Mother Lode weighs nearly 4 pounds empty but many travelers using it don’t seem to mind since they only carry it short point A to point B distances.

The Best Travel Packs To Round Out The Top 10

6. Cabin Max Metz Flight Approved Carry On Pack

  • 44 liter capacity

  • lightweight (1.5 pounds)

  • water resistant

  • padded back

  • maximum carry-on size

  • high-strength, durable nylon

  • carrying handles, adjustable side straps and adjustable shoulder straps

  • multiple internal and external compartments

7. The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack

  • 28 liters

  • FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps

  • PE foam for added comfort

  • padded air-mesh back panel with Spine Channel

  • PE sheet for extra back support

  • laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve

  • hydration port

  • multiple compartments

  • winged, stowable hip belt

  • removable sternum strap

8. Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack

  • 44 liters

  • full-access U-zipper

  • top loading and panel loading

  • convenient carry handle

  • multiple compartments

  • load lifters/stabilizers and hip belt stabilizer straps

  • sternum straps and waist buckle

  • LightBeam single aluminum stay and

  • dynamic AirFlow back panel

  • hydration compatible

9. Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack 

  • lifetime warranty

  • TSA-compliant laptop access (allows electronics to stay in the bag through security checks)

  • multiple compartments

  • designated laptop and iPad compartments

10. Tortuga Travel Backpack - 44 Liter 

  • 44 liters

  • maximum-sized carry-on bag

  • front-opening

  • padded hip belt

  • main compartments have lockable zippers

  • padded laptop sleeve with lockable zipper

  • easy access to laptop at airport security

What To Look For In Travel Backpacks For Travelers


Backpacks are out there to meet whatever budget you have. You can find cheap packs that are durable (enough) and meet most of the other requirements. The best packs will invariably come from the best brands and for this you will be asked paid to pay a higher price. They give you quality and stand behind their products with respectable warranty periods.

If you just want a backpack to use for traveling every now and then, spending on one of these pricier models may not be necessary. If, however, you are looking for a long-term companion as you trek through foreign lands, then you in general get what you pay for, as they say. But I hope I showed you some great exceptions to this rule!

Carrying Options

First of all the best bags should offer you multiple options on how to carry them (two being a minimum but up to four is great). This convenience cannot be overstated. You won’t always want you bag on you back. Being able to sling it over one shoulder or pull it out of the back of a cab or from an overhead compartment by a side handle really thwarts some of the minor frustrations that go travel.


Backpacking Straps

Extreme care should be paid to the design of all the straps you will have to use to carry your bag. The ideal bag has sturdy straps for your shoulders and hips. Thick padding on these makes them more comfortable to bear especially with heavy loads. Chest straps are a great bonus feature for helping with even distribution of the weight.

Internal Compression Straps

These straps let you pack that last must have item and keep everything in place. You lay the bag flat to pack it, then hold it vertical to carry - knowing you won’t open your bag to find a jumbled mess is a great feeling.

Minimum External Straps

On the best traveling backpacks you aren’t distracted and downright infuriated by an excess of external straps. Plus, the straps that are there are easily tucked away when not in use. External straps are limited on daypacks, but should still allow you to strap on items like a towel, rain jacket, or sweater. Or at least allow you to attach your own karabiner for extra carry.

Tech Savvy

The best backpack for travel in this day and age bears in mind the need to stay connected and its design should take carrying different types of tech into consideration. Some packs really pull out all the stops with secure specialized padded compartments for each of your gadgets.


If you made it this far and are still unsure of what you want, check out this video. It shows some of the best features of the number one travel backpack on our list – the Osprey Farpoint 40.

A great travel backpack will be your best asset on your next adventure and I hope I have shared some great options for you. Just remember, think about what you will need, how long you will be gone, and what type of traveling you will be doing (and don’t over pack!). Then, make sure to find a backpack that is comfortable, organizes your stuff well, and is easy to pack and secure your gear.

Our review has laid out the absolute best travel backpacks for you. Whether you decide to go with the Osprey Farpoint 40 or another of our suggestions, you can rest assured you are getting a backpack that will be with you for more than just the ride on the plane! Any of these bags will help make your next voyage much more enjoyable.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

Best Travel Backpacks For Women: Perfectly Designed For You

Looking for a backpack that will have you covered whether you’re hiking through a forest, camping out, or heading to Paris? You’ve come to the right place! Here we have reviews of five of the best women’s travel backpacks, each with its own set of impressive features.

Manufactured in a range of colors so you’re sure to look stylish while also being able to carry whatever you are bringing with you, these products are both made to impress and made to last.

No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to travel supplies, you’re sure to find the best women’s travel backpack for you below!

1. Paladineer Hiking Backpack

Paladineer Hiking Backpack

Scoring a huge amount of praise from consumers, it’s impossible to deny that this product is one of the best in this category. First, it comes in a range of 12 colors, giving you the freedom to have a heavy-duty backpack without it looking boring.

The bag is organized into a large main compartment, along with a laptop sleeve and a front zippered pocket to keep your cargo organized. All in a pack that you can carry on.

The back and shoulders of the pack are padded for maximum comfort, which is great for long hikes or day trips into a new city. There is also an additional sternum strap that helps to distribute the weight of your supplies--a great feature to prevent back strain and pain!

This pack comes fully loaded; the sternum strap features a whistle for emergencies as well and it has an integrated rain cover. A hiker I know said it perfectly - this is absolutely perfect for what you need: a bag that could hold all of your gear while staying comfortable and lightweight.

2. AiSung Hiking Backpack

AiSung Hiking Backpack

One of the best features of this product is its ability to fold into itself when not in use, saving you tons valuable space. This makes this pack an ideal daypack that you can stuff in your duffle, suitcase, or larger backpack and use when you want to go for a day trip around town or for a short hike.

There are a few other reasons that this pack is number two on this list: it weighs less than half a pound, is extremely durable, and it’s waterproof.

All these features come in a pack that comes in at amazingly well under $20, making it a perfect option for those looking for an affordable, rugged pack that can withstand just about anything.

For those of you who love to stay organized, this product is also a great choice. With a main compartment, two front pockets, two side pockets that also act as cupholders, and a small internal pocket for valuables, you’re set to carry everything you need for your travels!

3. Gregory J28 Backpack

Gregory J28

According to the manufacturer, “That snow-capped peak in the distance just got a little closer thanks to the sleek, lightweight, all-day-capable J28.” Available in either Astral Red, Fog Gray, or Moonrise Purple, this pack is a great choice.

Although it is designed for hiking and camping, it has every feature you need for traveling, either to the nearest national park, or to your favorite European city.

Featuring a front bucket pocket for your essentials, a hybrid top-loading panel to access the main body of the bag, and two external stretch water bottle pockets, this product is without a doubt one of the best lightweight backpacks for women.

It is also one of the very few products in this category that has received all five-star reviews. This truly can be considered the “perfect pack” due to hikers and travelers raving about how much they can carry while still remaining lightweight.

4. Venture Pal Packable Travel Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Travel Backpack

Most of this product’s features are in its name: it’s lightweight (just over half a pound), packable (lots of compartments and pockets to keep your gear organized), and durable (made with high-quality, water-resistant material).

As if that isn’t enough to qualify it as the best travel backpack for women, it also comes in five colors and can save space by zipping into a small inner pocket.

Another great aspect of this item is that it has a chest strap to help distribute the weight of your gear, as well as shoulder and back padding to keep you from straining your back.

I’ve heard someone claim that she wore this pack for twelve hours a day for two days straight and it was extremely comfortable, which proves that this product is the one of the best lightweight backpack for women on the market.

5. Outlander Lightweight Travel Backpack

Outlander Lightweight Travel Backpack

With a compact pocket-to-backpack setup, a selection of nine sleek patterned colors, and a lifetime warranty, this is a product you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on.

This model from Outlander weighs only half a pound, so it won’t add to the weight of your gear, and it’s extremely durable - this product is made out of highly rip and water resistant fabric, so you can use it for even your toughest treks on the nastiest days without worrying about damage to the pack or your cargo inside.

An excellent product that works like a charm to contain all your gear, it can also be personalized depending on which color or design you choose!


Now that you’ve read about our top five picks for the best travel backpack for women, you’re ready to take on your next adventure, no matter where you go. When choosing your next travel backpack, make sure to select one that not only will be able to hold all your supplies and gear, but will alsolast for years!

Having trouble choosing? The Paladineer Hiking Backpack is a great basic pack and has the largest selection of colors, while the AiSung Hiking Backpack is the most lightweight and offers the most pockets for organization. Looking for comfort? The Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Backpack is a excellent choice. Finally, the Outlander Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack and the Gregory Mountain Products J28 Backpack are the most versatile packs and they both feature unique designs that will set you apart from the crowd.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide: Best Backpack For Europe

Backpacking Europe is one of the best ways to see the continent and finding the best travel backpack for Europe is probably the first place to start when planning your trip. A great backpack can really transform your travel experience. It holds all your travel gear, stays with you almost all the time, and in some bizarre way turns out to be your best friend.

However, choosing the right backpack is not as easy as it seems. If it’s too big you’ll have to contend with the extra weight, too small and you’ll never fit anything in. And if you pick the wrong material, your staff might get soaked when it rains.

So where do you start? Travel backpacks should not be confused with those meant for hiking or camping trips. Where hiking backpacks are designed for carrying a lot of stuff over long distances, travel backpacks are designed for easy navigation in cities (some even have wheels!). And with so many options to choose from, it becomes a daunting task to find the best backpack that will match your style and preferences.

To give you a hassle-free travel experience on your travel to Europe, I have synthesized the multitude of options to bring you five of the best backpack for Europe. Below find out my top 5 picks.

Backpacks For Europe Comparison Table



Size (L)

Weight (Lbs)

Laptop Sleeve?

Carry On?



Osprey Farpoint 55

Osprey Farpoint 55




Good Luck:)


Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46






Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Kelty Redwing 50




Good Luck:)


Wasing 50L Lightweight Travel Backpack

Wasing 50L Lightweight Travel Backpack




Good Luck:)


KAKA Travel Backpack

KAKA Travel Backpack




Good Luck:)


Top 5 Best Backpacks For Europe

1. Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 55

Comfort, ease of packing, premium features, and durability converge to produce a top-notch travel backpack that you just can’t resist to buy. At 55L, the Osprey Farpoint 55 has all the space you need to extend your travel adventures.

The dual compression straps are designed to stabilize the load thus keeping you comfortable no matter how much you carry. Its sleek design is easy to carry through crowded streets and the zippered cover for the straps is perfectly designed so you don’t have to worry about damage to your pack if you check it. And this pack can hold some serious amount of gear - it’s designed to handle loads up to 50 pounds.

You will love the opening mechanism of this backpack. It opens like a suitcase, which is convenient since you can quickly get what you want without having to dig through the bag. The security features are even amazing thanks to the heavy duty zippers on the bag that can be locked to keep any intruder out.

It also has a fantastic suspension system which makes the backpack comfortable to wear which makes it all the more comfortable those long days where you are traveling. To help support the incredible weight this pack can carry, it has a padded hip belt which takes off the load from your shoulders and transfers it to your hips.

The Osprey Farpoint 55 is the best backpack for traveling Europe and it has so many great features that it might be your favorite.

2. Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag

Osprey Porter 46

So this pack is a bit of a transformer. You can carry it like a duffel, or bring out the shoulder pads and carry it like a pack.

When you have some grounds to cover, you can unzip the back panel and deploy the padded mesh shoulder harness and hipbelt suspension to comfortably carry it on your back. This versatility makes this bag is very convenient and a comfortable travel partner for long distances.

The bag comes with multiple pockets inside the main compartment that allow your load to be fully organized. If you are a tech traveler, then you’ll appreciate the front pocket which has a built in padded laptop/tablet sleeve.

The dual foam padded sidewalls work in conjunction with Osprey’s exclusive StraightJacket compression system to stabilize loads while protecting content from internal and external abuse. The Osprey Porter 46 is one of the best travel backpacks for Europe and you will enjoy its classic appearance as well as the kicky design features.

3. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Whether your journey takes you to the beautiful cities of Europe or to the great Alps in south-central Europe, the Kelty Redwing 50 backpack has got you covered. You will enjoy the comfort features and plenty of external pockets that this backpack offers.

Kelty has considered every detail carefully from the stylish fabric to the travel-friendly features like the hydration design that features water bottle pockets on the side.

The Redwing works as both top loader and panel loader for simple loading and unloading thus adding to user experience and making your travels as easy as possible.

The Kelty Redwing 50 features anatomically curved shoulder straps and a padded hip belt that helps to distribute weight. Solid organization and a handy U-shaped zipper make this bag easy to use and the near perfect suspension system allows ease of adjustments for versatility and comfort. The air mesh on the shoulder straps and the dynamic airflow back panel are designed to keep you cool, while the waist buckle and the hip belt stabilizer straps will help to customize the fit and keep the load close to your center of gravity.

The Kelty Redwing 50 is one of the best backpacks for traveling in Europe and it may give you the best value for the money.

4. WASING 50L Water Resistant Foldable Daypack

Wasing 50L Lightweight Travel Backpack

The WASING 50L travel backpack is a good travel partner that packs a set of premium features that you would want in a classic travel backpack. Made from highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric, the bag won’t leak a drop even when the weather turns wet.

One of the unique features you will find in this backpack is its foldable capabilities. When you are not using it, you can easily fold it into a small unit that can fit in a suitcase. A 50L pack that can fit easily in a suitcase!

The bag is also lightweight and durable as is made from tough nylon fabric, and the stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for increased longevity.

At 50L, the WASING 50L travel backpack is spacious enough to fit all your travel gear and versatile enough to take you everywhere. The bag is perfect for occasional travel, day-to-day use, hiking, camping, and you can also use it as a suitcase alternative.

This go-anywhere pack also features a classic shape with several storage pockets so you will never run out of space for your small goodies. This backpack is a true space saver. You can even stuff it into its own pocket for storage and unzip it after reaching your destination so as to use it as a carry bag for your excess luggage.

5. KAKA Travel Backpack

KAKA Travel Backpack

Great travel backpacks come in many shapes and sizes and the Kaka 50L travel backpack makes a strong case for being one of the best backpacks for backpacking Europe.

Perfect in every way, this backpack will take you through the busy streets of Europe while protecting you from the elements. The lining of the bag is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about water spoiling your staff. And if you have a laptop, you'll love the 17" laptop sleeve inside the main pocket. 

There is a handle at the front so you can easily carry it over short distances. There is also a waist strap that can fix the bag close to your waist so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waggling.

This backpack is very flexible and versatile, and with a total of 10 pockets, you will never run out of storage space. It can be used for travel, college, working, hiking, and for everyday use. The bag is made of tough and durable terylene oxford fabric so durability is assured which is also backed by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.


Choosing the right travel backpack is an important part of your trip. You don’t want a travel backpack that will be a burden to carry or too small to fit your staff.

Most backpacks capacity range between 25-85 liters. Smaller bags roughly between 25-35l are ideal for use as daypacks. They work best when you are carrying a few light items like a jacket, camera or books. Medium sized bags (35-45l) are good to keep things fit on a 1-3 days trip or a weekend getaway. If you are planning to have an extended travel period, then it’s wise to pick a high capacity backpack (50-80l) that will fit all the staff you will need during the trip.

So depending on your trip, you may need a vastly different backpack. As a trip to Europe typically is a bit longer, I focused on backpacks right around 45 liter which should hold everything you but not allow you to overpack.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

The 10 Essentials And More: Backpacking Europe Packing List

Let’s go backpacking through Europe! While this sounds like a fantastic idea, and can be a really easy way to travel, proper packing for the trip is essential. The type of pack I choose is as important as its contents.

My backpacking through Europe packing list must include clothing, toiletries, electronics, and room for any souvenirs I plan to bring home. I need a pack that is sturdy enough to travel with me, but light enough to allow me to be comfortable carrying it everywhere. I could opt for one with wheels if I plan to travel in town versus meandering through the countryside.

I am sure there are many questions that you have about your next trip and I hope I can answer at least a few of them for you.

What Kind Of Backpack Should I Choose?

The number one item on my backpacking Europe packing list is the perfect pack. If the pack is too heavy or bulky, it can be quite painful or you can get tired. Stopping to constantly adjust the pack takes away time I have to enjoy my vacation.

A pack that is lightweight but sturdily constructed is the best choice. A backpack with an extendable handle and wheels is a great option for when I’m in the city. A good choice in backpacks makes a huge difference.

What Kind Of Clothes Should I Pack?

As I have already said, lightweight items are the key to a good backpacking through Europe packing list. I suggest packing approximately 8 items of clothing for a 9-10 day trip; 3-4 shirts and 3-4 pairs of either longer style shorts (clothing that shows the knee is not allowed in some places) or pants.

This does not include undergarments and socks. Make sure to choose items that can be mixed and matched, especially if you plan to bring any jewelry. I always bring one outfit that is a bit dressier for a night on the town.

My clothes also need to fit the weather for the areas I’m going to visit as well as the time of year. Some parts of Europe are colder in the morning and evening hours, so I will want a light jacket and the ability to layer a few pieces of clothes that can be removed in the heat of the day.

Finally, you will also want very comfortable walking or hiking shoes. Seriously, the few dollars you spent getting a less comfortable shoe will not compare to experience (and potentially money) you will waste by not being able to fully enjoy and embrace your trip.

What Electronics Should I Bring?

A backpacking Europe packing list is not going to be complete without my camera. I want to capture the memories. I bring my DSLR with a standard, zoom, and wide angle lens, but I am really into photography. If you take a DSLR, don’t forget a few extra memory cards in case one gets corrupted or you just take so many photos.

how to backpack through europe 3

My list also includes my phone, the charger for both it and my camera, and of course an outlet adapter to ensure that I will be able to use the chargers once I arrive.

Many electronic items that you will bring now come with the ability to use 110 or 210-230 volts. If you aren’t sure about your device, or what the power will be where you’re going, it’s always best to have a power converter/adapter on hand.

If I am planning to backpack, there is no need for a laptop. There are many internet cafes in Europe where I can pop in to check e-mails or browse the web for a nominal fee. And with the amount of free WIFI available, my phone normally provides everything I need.

Anyways, it’s imperative that I keep my electronics safe from theft while traveling, so the less I bring, the easier they are to keep track of.

How Do I Pack It All?

backpacking europe packing list

My Europe backpacking list items need to fit neatly into my bag. I start by putting things I won’t need frequently at the bottom of the bag. Lay all shirts together and roll up tightly to take up less space (and minimize wrinkles!).

Do the same for pants/shorts. Socks/ underwear can be tucked in around other items (expert tip: socks and underwear make great protection for your camera). Toiletries should be in small 3ml bottles (anything you need over this amount can be purchased later) and assembled in a clear, zip baggie.


Lightweight clothing, toiletries, and minimal electronics are what to pack for any backpacking trip to Europe. Unlike packing for a more casual trip to Europe, adding unnecessary bulk and weight will cause frequent stops that limit your ability to fully enjoy your vacation, and can be downright frustrating altogether.

Planning your list well ahead of time will ensure you have what you need without overdoing it and will reduce stress to ensure a successful trip. Proper placement of the items in the bag will add to your comfort and cut down time spent searching for things you know are there but can’t seem to find. Enjoy your trip and maybe I’ll see you on the street somewhere!

Our Guide For The Best Carry On Backpacks for Travelers

It seems that travel is only getting more and more expensive as the years go by, even if you’re like me and choose to adventure off the beaten path. Well, I’m always looking for ways to save money on travel, and a long time ago I realized something big: why pay for baggage on an airline when you can just bring a carry on for free? Depending on your airline you can save some serious cash, before you even leave for your trip.

At first I wondered if a carry on would be sufficient to hold everything I needed for my next adventure, but I spent a lot of time researching and I’ve found countless backpacks that are perfect for any traveler. And they’re all perfectly sized to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. Check out my five favorite carry on backpacks below.

Carry On Backpack Comparison Table



Size (L)

Weight (Lbs)

Laptop Sleeve?

Carry On?



Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack

Outlander Packable Travel Backpack






Top Power 80006 Convertible Carry-On Travel Backpack

Top Power 80006 Travel Backpack






Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry-On Backpack

Hynes Eagle 40L  Backpack






Cabin Max Metz Backpack

Cabin Max Metz Backpack






Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack

Hynes Eagle 38L Backpack






1. Outlander Packable Travel Backpack

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack

Available in a range of ten different colors, this backpack is a perfect carry on for your next flight. It has several different compartments, including a roomy main pocket, two front zipper pockets for smaller items, and two side pockets made for water bottles or an umbrella.

The daypack is lightweight (less than one pound) and extremely durable. Made of nylon fabric that’s rip- and water-resistant, this bag will last through tons of your traveling adventures.

In fact, this Outlander backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re guaranteed to always have the best carry on backpack for traveling.

Another convenient feature of this backpack is that it folds into itself for storage, which means storing this pack at home will be incredibly easy.

2. Top Power 8006 Carry On Backpack

Top Power 80006 Convertible Carry-On Travel Backpack

This backpack comes in several pairs of contrasting colors: black and green, purple and orange, and red and black, among others.

The most impressive feature of this pack is that it has a convertible design that allows you to use three extra compartments and to protect your belongings. This alone makes this an excellent option!

The padded straps and chest strap make this pack comfortable and easy to carry for long periods of time. It’s also extremely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Finally, this is considered the organizer’s “dream backpack” because it has so many compartments for your belongings!

3. Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry-On Backpack

Although this backpack may appear simple, there’s definitely more it than meets the eye. In fact, it may be the top carry on backpacks currently available!

The durable, high-quality polyester is sure to last for years to come. It is able to convert from a duffel bag to a backpack in seconds, which is perfect for any traveler.

This backpack contains one large compartment for the majority of your luggage, plus a pocket for your laptop and another for smaller items.

Another great feature of this bag is that the adjustable side buckle straps are meant to protect your belongings if they happen to be knocked around or bumped during travel.

4. Cabin Max Metz Backpack

Cabin Max Metz Backpack

If you are looking for literally dozens of patterns and colors to choose from, this backpack will only add to the fun of your traveling experience.

As one of the best travel backpack carry ons, it’s made of durable, water-resistant nylon, and it only weighs 1.5 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about a heavy bag dragging you down at the airport!

This bag features a padded back, adjustable shoulder straps, carrying handles, and five different compartments to store anything and everything you might need for your trip. It comes with a one-year limited warranty and a money-back guarantee, ensuring that you won’t regret purchasing this pack!

5. Hynes Eagle 38l Flight Approved Carry On Backpack

Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack

This might be similar to its slightly bigger brother mentioned above, but this was designed to have a smaller footprint and be almost the same size. If you have long legs and need a bit of extra room under the seat in front of you, try this pack.

This sturdy backpack, constructed from premium and durable polyester, features a top handle, side handle, and padded adjustable shoulder straps so you have a variety of ways to carry it .

An important reason why this is one of the best carry on backpacks for traveling is that it has a large variety of pockets and compartments to keep your belongings safe and organized. Along with a large main compartment that has two straps to hold down your luggage, there’s also two front zipper compartments, a laptop sleeve, and several smaller inner pockets.

How To Pack Your Carry On Backpack

So I personally love this advice from Haziqul. It is a great and in depth "How To" video which will make you second guess why you every check a bag. It also features my absolute favorite backpacks, the Osprey Farpoint 40.

Before you go on your next trip, check this video out and learn how to pack your carry on backpack the right way!


Now that you’ve gotten to read through reviews of the best carry on travel backpack, you’re ready to purchase a pack and go on your next adventure! Still struggling to choose between all of the best travel backpack carry ons? Here are a few helpful hints:

If customization is important to you, the Cabin Max Metz Backpack is a great choice with all of its vibrant colors and patterns which female reviewers love. Looking for something sturdy to keep your belongings safe? Both of the Hynes brand backpacks are heavy-duty and perfect for the task.

If you’re in search of something lightweight to carry around the airport, the Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack is a great choice. Finally, the versatility of the Top Power 8006 Convertible Carry-on Travel Backpack is ideal for the type of person who likes to go on a variety of different adventures.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

Europe Packing List: The 10 Things You Cannot Forget

Avventura! Aventure! Abenteuer! Adventure, adventure, adventure! When I travel to Europe, adventure is always what I seem to find. What I do not want, however, is to waste an incredible opportunity because I forgot to pack one or more travel necessities.

Based on my experiences, I have devised a list of Europe travel essentials that will make packing for your next European trip simple. No matter where I go, these 10 things must be in my bag to ensure a comfortable, successful, and, most importantly, adventurous trip.

Wondering What To Pack For Europe?


First, and personally most important, is my favorite hiking shoes, although many people prefer walking shoes. I typically explore a city on foot as I get to know the city so much better this way. I want to see a city the way the locals do.

I want to visit each town as though I am planning to move there; delving into the food, the culture, and the history. Having that perfect pair of walking or hiking shoes at the top my Europe packing list makes sure my feet don’t sore or I don’t get a blister and can thoroughly enjoy the trip the way I want to.


The best type of clothing to pack for Europe is light and comfortable items that can be layered. I honestly often wear t-shirts that fit nicely under a sweater or jacket. I really like active wear as it dries quickly and keeps me cool in case it’s warm.

Going fancy? Bring a couple lightweight polo or Oxford shirts and a pair of khakis, but most of my time is spent walking or traveling, which calls for ultimate comfort instead of fashion.

europe packing list

A lightweight jacket or sweater is also an European travel essential. Because of latitude of many part of Europe, it can get very cool in the mornings, humid in the afternoons, and cool again in the evening. Layering and then adding a lightweight jacket keeps me warm if the temps are lower early or late in the day.

These items are also thin enough that I can easily shed them during a warmer afternoon. They don’t add much weight to my travel backpack, and I can always throw them back on later if temperatures drop again during the evening.

If you know if may get cold, I love lightweight down jackets as they can pack down to almost nothing. Add a light rain jacket on top of it and you will be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you - and you didn’t add much weight to your pack!


So I see that everyone including myself packs too much, particularly in this department. Since I want to feel that I am fully immersing myself in the places I visit, another item on my packing list for Europe is my camera. I personally love my DSLR because it takes incredible photos even if you don’t feel that you are the best photographer. But don’t forget your smartphone; smart phone cameras are getting so good that it may be all you need, especially if you take HDR images with it. Your phone also won’t take up much room and you can protect it much easier than a DSLR.

Don’t forget your phone. You can either purchase an unlocked phone and a local SIM card, which is very affordable in Europe. Personally, I don’t like being so in touch when I travel as it takes me away from my trip. I bring my normal phone and stay connected when I get free WIFI somewhere, which is becoming ever easier to do. I don’t even bring a laptop as I can do pretty much everything I need from my phone.

europe packing list

If you want an excellent tip, use your favorite map app to find your next location when you have free wifi. You can turn your phone onto airplane mode and your GPS will still work - and it’s all for free!

Also, don’t forget your European plug adapter or power converter to charge your devices! As many things can be charged with a USB port, I typically bring a multiport USB wall charger.


europe packing list

All in all, I want packing for Europe, and the trip itself, to be as stress-free as I can make it. Trust me - you can minimize the things you bring and still have everything you need. Don't end up dragging this with you where ever you go!

If you pack correctly, you can be rest assured you are on your way to a trip of your lifetime and you will have the right gear and clothing to make the most of it.

I hope you find this summary helpful and you don’t make some of the mistakes I have made in the past, either dragging around a bag that is too heavy or worse, forgetting your camera! If you didn’t want to read this whole article, here’s a short version of things you absolutely can’t forget:

A Quick Europe Trip Packing List:

  1. Comfortable hiking / walking shoes.

  2. Thin, lightweight clothing to layer

  3. Light jacket. A rain jacket is the most versatile. Add a down jacket if you expect some cold weather

  4. Personal electronics: camera, phone, usb chargers

  5. Plug adaptor and/or power converter

  6. Travel sized hygiene essentials (Razor, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/soap)

  7. Water bottle

  8. Passport

  9. Money belt or hidden pockets

  10. Sunglasses

How To Backpack Through Europe And Other Amazing Travel Tips

Europe is the second to last continent in terms of size, but that relatively little space contains many very different cultures and amazing opportunities to see the past, present and future intertwined. It can be expensive to travel to Europe, but if you are strapped for cash. You just have to figure out how to backpack across Europe and you too can experience them all.

The continent offers so much – Munich’s Oktoberfest, pristine beaches in Greece, gondola rides in historic Venice, picturesque and carefree Paris, and St Patrick’s Day in Dublin are just for starters. You can spend the afternoon in a quiet cafe in Vienna, chat up locals while you sample English ales at a pub in Oxford, or rub shoulders with the craziest clubbers in all of Europe in the ruin bars of Budapest. The options are seemingly endless, and that a part of the excitement.

Check out these simple tips on how to backpack through Europe to ensure you get most out of your jaunt and won’t blow the bank doing it. 

When Do You Want To Go?

Springtime brings long days and low prices if you venture north to Scandinavia, Britain, France, and the Baltics. It’s also great time for a walking tour of Riga’s world renowned Art Nouveau architecture.

In Autumn, after the rush of the summer tourist season, you will find a slower pace if you go east to the Balkan coastline where Montenegro awaits or head inland to Belgrade and the other great cities of the Balkan peninsula.

Southern Europe’s Mediterranean coastline is another great option perfect for backpacking once the tourist season starts to subside in early autumn. Take your pick: anywhere from Spain to Croatia to Greece you will find that ideal spot to spread your towel on the sand, lose your T-shirt, and take in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.

how to backpack through europe

Winter travel means the height of celebrations and world class skiing in Europe (if you’re in the right location). Don’t fret - you don’t have to over spend to enjoy your time. If you go to the Austria, France, Switzerland, or Italy to ski, try going in the offseason.

Want to really save some cash and still ski or snowboard? Head to eastern Europe for some powder.  Either way, you should find less tourists, cheaper rates, and still have a outstanding time.

Where Would You Be Comfortable Staying?

Accommodations can take the biggest bite out of your budget or if done right can be the thing that makes you proudest about how you were able to save. Your options include

how to backpack through europe
  • fully equipped camps

  • affordable hostels

  • university lodgings during semester breaks

  • boarding with locals via Air BnB

  • budget hotels

How Will You Get Around?

Fortunately, Europe is very interconnected making your transportation easy and cheap, if you plan it out. With tons of budget airlines available, flying can be your cheapest, and quickest, option. But often times, you need to book well ahead of time.

But flying isn’t the only option. Taking a train or bus can be also very cheap and allow you to see more of Europe. Who knows - you may find yourself in a town you have never heard of and it could be the highlight of your trip.

how to backpack europe

If you chose train travel, know that most European countries are well connected by rail making it easy to move around. A pre-purchased train pass can be super convenient since you don’t have to wait in long lines to buy tickets.

Another plus is that the train makes a good overnight sleeping option (as long as you ensure your bag is secure).

Want to splurge? Take a sleeper train car with a friend. I took a sleeper car from London to Edinburgh over night and it was spectacular! I woke up to tea, biscuits, and a perfectly hazy Scottish morning, ready to take on a new country.

In cities, consider walking, light rails, subways, or taking the bus, but be wary of taxis – that’s one of the first rules in how to backpack in Europe. The hidden rates and tips can drain your pocket long before you hop out at your destination. Uber is of course an option, but it is not available in certain countries.

What To Eat?

The sights, sounds and great new experiences may make you forget about food for a while, but you eventually you have to eat. And food is one of the best ways to experience a culture? Go local - use Trip Advisor (which seems to be much bigger in Europe) and talk to some locals to find great, affordable eats.

Another great idea is to stock up on filling snacks to help you get through the day – last trip I was on I ate Cliff bars, trail mix, and fruit every lunch. This allowed me to be flexible with my schedule and get a lot more accomplished during the day and save some money in the meantime.

I always tried to find a little coffee shop off any main street for breakfast to get myself energized for the day and a great local spot for dinner, to unwind and reminisce over a local beer or wine and a hearty meal. I am proud to say, I have only been to an American restaurant once while traveling, and I was dragged there by an Englishman. Don’t eat at a fast food joint - you can find ways of saving money and still eat local.

As for having a good time a club, be wary that some clubs give you a drink card at the door which will be punched for each drink you have and you won’t pay until you leave. Be mindful that you don’t get sucker-punched for drinks you did not have. Also, keep that card safe – the charge for losing it can pretty exorbitant.

And remember how to find your way home. I always pull up a map of the area on Google maps when I have WIFI and then take a bunch of screenshots. It gets me enough information to get home safely each time.


Know which major cities and towns you want to see but leave room in your schedule to be flexible or change plans. Spontaneity is one of adventures best friends; be sure to not miss out on what could be the most memorable experience of your trip because you only planned 10 hours to see a city.

Remember, you are backpacking so planning every detail is not possible and would probably take all the fun out your trip if you did. Half the difficulty is making a packing list of only what you will need.

 A backpacking journey is perfect for getting off the beaten path. It makes it so much easier get beyond all the tourist magnets and really experience Europe at the ground level. All you need is the right backpack and a spirit for adventure.

I hope my advice helps you have the trip of your life. No matter what you chose, I guarantee you once you put on your hiking shoes and throw your backpack over your shoulder, you won’t look back. Cheers!

Top Picks: The Best Daypack For Travel For The Avid Explorer

The backpack for your travel adventure must be more than just a bag to hold your stuff. It will be your closest and sometimes only companion. It will hold the valuables you take along and the treasures you find. Also, it is typically small enough to carry on.

As I have discovered from my years exploring Europe, there are certain criteria a daypack must fit in order to deserve a spot on the ‘best daypack for travel’ list – no matter where you are headed. It should be sturdy, made of quality materials, have multiple compartments, and be very comfortable to carry.

Based on these features, here are my picks for the top five daypacks to accompany you on your next journey.

1. SwissGear ScanSmart 1900

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

The SwissGear is big enough to carry all you could want to take with you (within reason of course). Plus, it has a large well supported laptop compartment you can use to pack items that need a little extra protection (laptop or otherwise).

It’s made of strong polyester fabric and features a breathable padded back so carrying it around in the sun won’t leave you overheated.

This rugged pack has oversized zippers and more than sufficient compartments, specifically designed to securely hold all your gadgets and keep you organized on your trip. The reflective material added to the shoulder straps is a nice touch to keep you safe if you happen to be on the go after nightfall, especially if you are on a bike.

2. High Sierra Access

High Sierra Access Backpack

The High Sierra Access is one of the best daypacks for international travel, especially if you are a tech junky and like to bring all your gadgets with you.

It has more compartments than many of the packs you will come across and is really built to keep everything in place, secure, and easy to access.

The material that comprises this pack is incredibly strong and will really hold up to a beating, at least if you treat your travel packs like I do.

One drawback is that this bag is not waterproof, but it does come with a rain cover you can get to quickly if a shower catches you off guard.

3. Outlander Packable Travel Backpack

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack

This Outlander’s 35-liter capacity lets you take that little bit extra with you, which is great if you are an avid over packer like myself. It comes in smaller sizes (20 and 33 liters) but I prefer having that extra room just to make sure everything fits.

It’s lightweight at just about 11 ounces, made from water-resistant material, and has several convenient compartments to keep you organized. Basic black is the traditional favorite (mine as well) but Outlander gives you 9 other color options for the more fashion savvy of you (one of the reasons this pack also highly favored as a travel pack for women). I have to admit the brilliant orange makes it hard to lose sight of your bag.

It’s honestly one of the best travel daypacks around, since its reinforced nylon fabric has bar tacking (basically really strong stitching), allowing it to take some roughing up without ripping.

4. Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Daypack

Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

This is a truly lightweight bag and if that’s your thing look no further. At under half a pound (6.5 ounces), the Hikpro won’t be adding any extra weight to your load. It’s still durable with tear-resistant nylon and bar tacking to ensure it lasts you for quite a while.

The Hikpro only has a 20-liter capacity but travelers who like to go light will find it more than adequate. It makes up for the smaller size with a total of 5 compartments so you can keep things separate and within easy reach.

Its shoulder straps are adjustable, padded, and breathable so you don’t have to worry too much about them making you sweaty if you’re trekking in the summer heat.

5. TETON Sports Oasis

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack

The 18-liter Oasis is for those who really want to travel light but also want a strong and dependable pack that’s going to last for a long time.

Its back is padded and breathable as are its adjustable straps. The chest strap gives added comfort and includes a built-in shock absorber.

Its low-profile, athletic cut means it’s not going to look or feel bulky on your back.

Another noteworthy characteristic of this pack are the many compartments inside and out made to hold small items firmly in place so they don’t end up lost among the rest of the stuff in main compartment of the bag.

On the downside, it is two pounds unloaded, much heavier than any of the other bags featured here. At such a low price though, it’s upside definitely outweighs it’s only downside.


The daypack you choose to take along with you can’t be a mere “bag”. Instead, you need one that is large enough for your stuff, small enough to handle (and possibly stash in a larger bag), and comfortable enough to have on your back for long periods. In short, you will need the best travel daypack.

To find that ideal pack do some research and narrow down your options given what you really want out of a daypack. I’ve selected my top five best daypacks for travel based on my personal criteria and went through a few disappointing packs along the way. I sincerely hope I helped you along the way to finding your ideal daypack.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

These Are The Best Wheeled Backpacks For Your Next Trip

When you’re out travelling the world, the last thing you need is an unwieldy suitcase or bag. I once walked five miles while carrying two 30+ lb duffels through the streets of Vienna in January. Needless to say, I would have preferred a backpack.

I personally love the freedom and versatility of a backpack when traveling but I know that isn’t for everyone. Some people just love to pull their luggage behind them or have back pain that requires them to limit the amount they can carry. You can have the best of both worlds with a wheeled backpack. You can roll it alongside you when your bag is too heavy and still have the flexibility to carry it when you need to move somewhere fast or when you aren’t carrying too much weight.

To make your travel choices a little easier, I’ve put together a list of my top five favorite wheeled backpack options for your next adventure.

1. High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3

This is the best wheeled backpack for travel for someone who needs a several options rolled into one. It can be used as a regular wheeled suitcase, as a large backpack with its padded s-shaped shoulder straps, or if you just need something for a quick day hike or afternoon exploring the city you are in, you can remove just the front of the bag and use it as a day pack.

The main portion has interior clothing straps to keep your belongings packed efficiently into its rather short 22” height. Still have a handful of items that you couldn’t sausage roll into your bag? Attach additional equipment to the outside of the bag with the adjustable tow strap. High Sierra literally tried to make one of the most versatile bags I have ever seen with this offering.

2. High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra Freewheel

A significantly less expensive but still highly rated option from High Sierra, the Freewheel Wheeled Backpack comes in at almost half the price of the High Sierra AT3.

You do sacrifice some space at this lower cost, but the Freewheel does include more media-friendly options: a large “cushion zone” can hold a laptop up to 17 inches, the front compartment has a media pocket and organizer, and the zippered accessory compartment includes a headphone port.

This great backpack also features corner guards and rub rails to protect the integrity of the bag long-term, as well as a mesh padded grip handle for the times when you need to pick it up and toss it into the trunk of a taxi. Don’t worry, your laptop will be protected!

3. Jansport Superbreak Wheeled Backpack

Jansport Superbreak

Want a bag that stands out at the luggage claim center? The Jansport gives you several unique pattern options that sets this backpack apart from the standard-issue flat black bags you will see going around the baggage claim.

Admittedly, most patterns are a little feminine for my tastes with delicate flowers and wild zebra stripes, but you can opt for a simpler and plain pattern as well.

The Jansport Superbreak is firmly in the middle of the pack for both price and quality. The size is similar to the High Sierra Freewheel but slightly more expensive. Add in its lifetime warranty, and this is truly one of the best backpacks with wheels.

4. High Sierra AT6 Carry-On Wheeled Duffel

High Sierra AT6

The most expensive of the five options, the High Sierra AT6 is a more luxurious version of the AT3. It features one large main compartment that can be divided into two or left as-is.

The hold-down strap helps to accommodate your even the most strangely-shaped items you decide to lug with you on your next trip, like your size 15 hiking boots, that golden Buddha statue you bought in Thailand, or the 11 models of the Taj Majal you are bringing back for Christmas presents for all your family and friends..

The high-density foam assists in maintaining the shape of the bag but keeps it lightweight enough to carry as a backpack. However, the sport wheels will help you to roll along smoothly and quickly if the terrain allows.

5. Jansport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

Jansport Driver 8

Just slightly smaller than the Jansport Superbreak, the Jansport Driver 8 has many of the same features, weighs two pounds less, and comes in about twenty dollars cheaper.

Similar to the High Sierra Freewheel, this backpack also features a laptop sleeve for a 15” laptop and front organizer in addition to its other two main compartments. If you are a bit OCD when you pack like me, these features are quietly quite nice. 

The padded back and shoulder straps make it easy to carry when climbing stairs where the side-mounted action wheels won’t be able to roll.

Don’t forget Jansport’s lifetime warranty either – when used under normal conditions they can repair or replace your bags that fall apart, not including wear and tear, neglect, or unreasonable use. Basically, don’t throw it down the stairs of your hostel. You won’t make any friends and you will ruin your bag.


If you’re heading out an adventure and don’t want to marry yourself to a traditional backpack or suitcase, consider one of the best wheeled backpack for travel that I just reviewed. You never know where the road might take you, so be prepared for smooth terrain, rugged terrain, or even a day out exploring a new city.

The best wheeled backpack for you will largely depend on your travel needs. Do you need something that holds technology or extra pairs of shoes? How often will you need to carry it vs pull it behind you? This list includes some of my personal favorites, but you’ll need to decide which one suits your travel needs the best.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com